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Thu, Feb 15th 2018 - Sat, Feb 17th 2018
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Incall only 5 stars hotels *****❤❤❤❤❤

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Reviews 9
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By Alexkazan36
Meeting Date 2018-02-09
Duration 1 hours
City Athens
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

very beautiful blonde girl with stunning charisma, sexy breasts, sensual lips and a stunning figure. all of the highest class. price corresponding. I will definitely see her again

By crusader
Meeting Date 2017-09-25
Duration 1 hours
City Chania
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

Monday night i visited Victoria and ANGELICA Iin chania.2 sms and i was to their hotel.when the door opened paradise,girls very nice dressed,friendly and good looking in a very nice and clean room.a little chat shower and then they started touching and kissing me.FANTASTIC SEX for 2 TIMES,in the middle a great massage from experience ever!!!!!

By Takis Salon
Meeting Date 2017-04-25
Duration 60 min
City Thessaloniki
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

да да да !
A special sexy girl from mother Russia with love.
When you look at her look and her body,you want to have a hot sex and she knows how to give it.
Massage perfect,she is professional how to relax you then.
What about my gift ?

By markgt
Meeting Date 2017-02-09
Duration 60 min
City Thessaloniki
Look 8.5/10
Services 8.5/10
Communication 8.5/10

Real very nice girl. Top class escort. The meeting start quire easy but finished very nice. I had a nice massage from her also. I hope that I will meet you soon for round 2 and Greek white white!

By anexo
Meeting Date 2017-01-12
Duration 60 min
City Athens
Look 10/10
Services 9.5/10
Communication 9.5/10

Οντος ωραιο κοριτσι! απ'τα καλυτερα που υπαρχει στην υπηρεσια του ειδος! Συμφωνω με εναν απ'τους συναγωνιστες που προσεξε οτι τα φωτο πρεπι να αλλαξει γιατι ειναι πιο ομορφη στην πραγματικοτητα! Ωπαια βυζακια, κωλος, προσωπακι, καβλιαρα!!!

By grecian667
Meeting Date 2016-08-16
Duration 60 min
City Athens
Look 9/10
Services 9/10
Communication 5/10

Angelika is quite an impressive girl to be honest. Met with her in her hotel room, she welcomed me with a bathrobe and underwear. After a brief whiskey drink, we started the match! Her english is not very good so you need some effort to communicate but this kinda adds up to the cuteness of the situation!

First round, after a lot of french kissing started with me licking her pussy until she came, after which she just turned to doggy and simply said "fuck me now!" I turned her back to missionary and fucked her very tight pussy only for a minute before spraying a nice load on her. I came on her belly, tits and open mouth which she liked as it was "salty" as she said!
quick shower, brief talk, a mildly relaxing massage and round two began with a nice and somewhat deep blowjob from Angelika, before we started fucking again. Doggy style to begin with, which she likes very very rough. I wanted to fuck her slowly but she kept pushing me in so i obliged and rammed her down nicely. Missionary again, some deep fast fucking and she came again. After a while, she demanded that I came on her tits, and of course i obliged. She sucked her fingers again after massaging the cum on her tits, and left for another shower.

All in all, a nice encounter. Dont know if its worth 200, but i had a great time and would go again. something tells me that the second time i visit her wil be way better

By Lion_king
Meeting Date 2016-05-20
Duration 1 hours
City Thessaloniki
Look 9.5/10
Services 9.5/10
Communication 9.5/10

angelika is a every nice girl.
she made a mistake with some fake photos but she deleted them
in fact she does not need fake photos.
she is gorgeous! !!!!

very good participation, deep wet blowjob and seem to enjoy sex a lot.
very attractive natural blobs and generally a very satisfactive meeting!!!!

I hope she comes back soon
kisses Yuliia !!!!!!

By BluEyes
Meeting Date 2016-05-18
Duration 60 min
City Heraklion
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

angelika is very nice and cute lady.very clean and boys u have to see her new boobs..really good and have the best real touch.she kiss very nice and amazing blowjob...she can hold hard sex as i notice.she will come back again in heraklion and i will visit her for sure again... see you in heraklion soon...

By Loafer
Meeting Date 2016-05-21
Duration 60 min
City Thessaloniki
Look 9/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

Φοβερή νταρντάνα,ψηλή με βυζάρες 4άρια στητά,τσιμπουκόχειλα.
Ωραίο τυπάκι,καλή πίπα και τελείωμα στο στόμα.Στο σεξ τα δίνει όλα,ανέβηκε πάνω μου και χτυπιόταν.το ίδιο κα στα 4.

Παίχτηκε μαλακία με τις φωτο της,αλλά το μωρό έχει ΠΟΡΝΟΕΜΦΑΝΙΣΗ και πολύ καλό σέρβις.
Την συνιστώ ανεπιφύλακτα.