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Wed, Nov 21st 2018 - Wed, Nov 21st 2018
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"Sexy and Sensual"
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European (White)
Pubic Hair
Shaved complete
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Men Women Couples 2+
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Thank you so much for visiting me page.......

 Hello Gentelman...
 Polish a classy lady for especial smart and rich clients. I'm beautiful,gorgeous and sensual TOP-model,who knows exactly how to please in bed. I love to bring dreams and wishes to reality and to indulge your fantasy. I'm gorgeous enticing sensual and sexy. Being passionate, I care about what you need and want. I can also be very naughty. Let me use my charm to whisk you into my  wonderful world of erotic pleasures.

Monday - Sunday  13:00  - 01.00


1h          -  150€            
2h          -  300€  

Overnight  1000€


A - Level
GODEN SHOWER   (giving) 

ALL PHOTOS ARE REAL 100%  ( and 100% Verify) 

                                            JUST SAFER
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Meeting Date 2018-11-01
Duration 1 hours
City Athens
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

Thank you Alice your time for me it is was amazing be whit you,i like you so much you a sexy woman like angel verry friendly and good person,i like you how you kiss me and play same time,and you do such amazing bliwjob whit your toung and lips..mmm i like you fuck and fuck i cant stop fucked you my sex a lady same time you a like bitch in the bad ou yeee baby.
I will see you soon i am promise you my lady.kiss you alot.

By Ryan_k
Meeting Date 2018-10-12
Duration 1 hours
City Rhodes
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

My meeting with Alice today was a nice surprise, she is a pretty woman with nice taste. She kisses with to much passion, I touched her perfect body all the time. She knew what I wanted without asking her and gave me 100% satisfaction. We showered and after a little chat we had she left. I still smell her perfume.. Such a great time! Thank you my beauty!!

By lackyme
Meeting Date 2018-10-08
Duration 60 min
City Athens
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

This is one of the best escort ladies without doubt.. Beautifull, sexy as hell and good at her job. She kissed me with passion and we fucked hard. I can't ask for more, I really want to see her again! See you soon baby!

By Vladimir4
Meeting Date 2018-10-06
Duration 2 hours
City Athens
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

Ακόμα παραμιλάω με αυτή τη γυναίκα... έβλεπα στις φωτογραφίες μια ψηλή εντυπωσιακή κ όμορφη αλλά δεν περίμενα ότι από κοντά θα είναι ακόμα καλύτερη!! Αν μπορούσα να της δώσω ένα παρατσούκλι αυτό είναι ένα..τυφώνας!! Η κοπέλα είναι φανταστική και πολύ value for money, της αρέσει αυτό που κάνει και σε ικανοποιεί πλήρως! Δεν θα διστάσω να την ξανακαλέσω γιατί αξίζει! Φιλάκια πολλά κουκλάρα μου θα τα ξαναπούμε.

By Luckyromeo
Meeting Date 2018-08-17
Duration 1 hours
City Rhodes
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

I meet Alisa , and she is fantastic person , very interesting and intelligent she speak very well
English with she you feel very confortable and warm .
In the bed she is like tornado and very hot and can make you very good .
When I leave I was like in another world . Very great I wish to meet she next time
In Greece .
Lot of kiss Miss

By Wheelie
Meeting Date 2018-08-21
Duration 1 hours
City Thessaloniki
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

amazing lady!!!
Great feminine body, fantastic boobs and a very flashing eyesight!!!
We spent an hour of active sex , we satisfied each other and at the end we enjoyed a fruit salad on the bed!!! For sure I visit her again!!!

By hriskiriaku
Meeting Date 2018-08-09
Duration 60 min
City Mykonos
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

Alice have very beautiful body and face! Meet me in beautiful underwear.and took me to the shower,it made me very excited,then she put me to bed and began to kiss me gently,it was great,fantastic.. She is very professional,very sensual girl!!! I recommend it. Real beautiful girl. Photos are real. High class girl!
See you soon......

By akis
Meeting Date 2018-07-27
Duration 90 min
City Chania
Look 9.5/10
Services 1/10
Communication 1/10

η κοπελα ειναι αυτη που βλεπεις στις φωτο,πολυ όμορφη αλλα εκει τελειωνουν τα θετικα..δεν κανει για αυτη τη δουλεια μιλαει πολυ λεει ασυναρτησιες ειναι αποτομη αγενης και ψωνιο..κανει λες και πληρωνει αυτη! ειμαι κουρασμενη-εκνευρισμενη,δεν με σεβεσαι,μην πιασεις, μην πιεζεις ,''ξερεις ποσοι θα πληρωναν παραπανω απο αυτα που εδωσες εσυ ;''οχι!και δεν με νοιαζει!!!δεν σταματαει να μιλαει για να κλεψει χρονο και απο σερβις καλυτερα να πηγαινα με εναν κουβα!μακραν η χειροτερη και η πιο αγενης που εχω παρει ..κριμα τα λεφτα!!

By john76demon
Meeting Date 2018-07-17
Duration 120 min
City Athens
Look 9.5/10
Services 9.5/10
Communication 9.5/10

An amazing lady who's got both looks and brains. An unique girlfriend experience, provided you treat the lady as any women should be trated with. If you take your time and make sure she has a good time, she will reward you tenfold and make sure you have the best time ever. Thank you for an amazing time my Dear, wish we can enjoy longer date in the future.

By Indian
Meeting Date 2018-07-04
Duration 60 min
City Athens
Look 9.5/10
Services 9/10
Communication 9/10

Την κοπελα την ειχα συναντησει πριν ανεβει θεσσαλονικη.Καταρχην ναπω οτι συναντας την κοπελα στις φωτο.Ψηλη ομορφη και τουμπανο και εσκασε μυτη μαλιστα ιδιαιτερα σεξυ για μεσημερι με ενα ολολευκο σουπερ μινι που λιγα αφηνε στη φαντασια...Πεντακαθαρη φαινεται να απολαμβανει το σεξ αλλα οχι σε σκληρες κατασταδεις.Υγραινεται αμεσως και εκεινη τη στιγμη γινεται κολαση...Αν εισαι οκ μαζι της και το βασικοτερο καθαρος ε τοτε σε σπατουλαρει κανονικα...Αν θα την ξαναδω?Σιγουρακι

By paokvre
Meeting Date 2018-07-10
Duration 60 min
City Thessaloniki
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

Η κοπέλα είναι ΗΦΑΙΣΤΕΙΟ
Πολύ όρεξη- εκρηκτικό σώμα
Ο καημός της ήταν να περάσωεγώ καλά
Ωραία μεγάλα βυζια ωραίος κωλος
Οτο ζήτησα εγινε - δεν κολλάει
Μακαρι να μείνει κι αλλο μα την ξαναδω

By versus21
Meeting Date 2018-06-18
Duration 60 min
City Athens
Look 9/10
Services 8/10
Communication 8/10

Με ζάλισε τα αρχιδια...δεν σταματάει να μιλάει...κασέτα έχει!!! Δεν δίνει φιλία σε καμία περιπτωση(τι μλκ γταφουν οι προηγούμενη...μάλλον του γραφείου είναι η πήγαν με άλλη). Πίπα καλή με σάλιο κ Πολύ χέρι...σεξ μέτριο... πολλά βογκητά ψεύτικα( λίγο σπάστηκα)! Αφήνει δάχτυλα αλλά όχι στη πίσω πόρτα...Το βασικό μόνο μια φορά τελείωμα αν θες δεύτερη είναι +20ευρα!!! Από εμφάνιση καλή κοντά στη φωτογραφίες έχει λίγο κοιλιά αλλά γενικά σφυχτικη κ απαλό δέρμα, βιζια σιλικόνη αλλά καλά στη υφή!

Meeting Date 2018-05-05
Duration 2 hours
City Athens
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

This was my first meeting with Alice. What a find. It was an incredible experience. She is the girl in the photos! She is absolute beauty. Beautiful yellow hair and blue eyes, and a young toned body to die for. She looks like a model. To go with that is her tact and personality. Her graciousness. She makes you feel welcome and desired. Without going into details, let me just say that she is so hot and incredibly talented. She likes giving and receiving. She really gets into it. Go See her and you will be welcomed. Made comfortable. And treated to the time of you life. The sex will knock you socks off. And,when i Open the door... and you first set eyes on her, you are in for a very pleasant surprice. I do not thing i haw ever meeting a more beautiful, alluring escort. Thanks Alice.. I will meet you again

By john76demon
Meeting Date 2018-04-23
Duration 60 min
City Athens
Look 9.5/10
Services 9.5/10
Communication 10/10

New girl from Models Companions and as always I had a quick booking in one of the best hotel in Athens. The girl is exactly what you see in the photos and her service was very good. I had a good time with her she`s typical GFE style who loves the job she`s doing. She was on the top of me pushing my cock deep inside of her wet hot pussy.
She was ridding me and kissing my neck and licking my nippels and I could`t stop cumming. The second time she sucked my cock. A nice wet hot blowjob with perfect technic and deep throat. An amazing meeting with amazing girl.
Thanks baby. Many kisses xxx