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European (White)
Pubic Hair
Shaved complete
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♥️Hi dear!♥️
I'm waiting for you to give pleasure and spend unforgettable time together! 
I have fit body, soft skin, beautiful and  long legs. And most important I will do my best to make you feel happy!)


My Private time for INCALL:

30 min - 100€
1 hour - 150€
2 hours - 300€

Text me in whats app or sms to ask details.

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By Sannve08
Meeting Date 2023-05-14
Duration 60
City Nicosia
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

It was a great experience with beautiful, kind and generous lady. An hour flew by like one minute. Thank you baby, see you soon. Recommend for 100%?????

By Makaro
Meeting Date 2023-03-07
Duration 2 hours
City Limassol
Look 9/10
Services 9/10
Communication 9/10

Φοβερή κοπέλα,πολύ όμορφη, με τέλειο πρόσωπο και ωραίο σώμα,πιτσιρικα φρεσκάδουρα! Με το κορμακι-εσωρουχο ειναι κολασηηη…Εχει πλ ωραιο σωμα βυζακι….Κανει καλουτσικη πιπα κ φιλαει ακομα καλυτερα….Συμμετοχη ειχε αρκετα καλη θελει να ευχαριστησει τον πελατη

By yaray
Meeting Date 2023-03-05
Duration 1 hour
City Limassol
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

Dominique, my heart beats faster every time I think of you. You are the embodiment of everything I have ever dreamed of in a partner, and I cannot help but wish we had met under different circumstances. Your grace, your beauty, your intelligence - all of it leaves me in awe. You are the woman of my dreams, and I hope that someday, fate will bring us together. ???

By Remali
Meeting Date 2022-07-04
Duration 30
City Larnaca
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

Amazing experience she is a real one. For real i have to write 150 letters amamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamam

By Sikas3452
Meeting Date 2022-02-16
Duration 30
City Paphos
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

Πολύ καλό το μωρό. Αν και η ώρα που πήρα για να συναντηθούμε ήταν αργά με υποδέχθηκε με ένα πλατύ χαμόγελο και υπέροχα εσώρουχα. Κοινωνική, σεξυ και και πολύ καλή επάγγελματιας. Στου αγώνα τι να πω απλά καταπληκτική, ώστε όταν έφυγα ημουν πλήρης ανανεωμένος μετά από μια κουραστική μέρα.
Θα την ξαναδώ σύντομα αφού μου υποσχέθηκε διπλή απολαυση με την Maria.

Dominique you are hot. Although the time I took to meet was late he greeted me with a big smile and lovely underwear. Social, sexy and very professional. In sex what can I say just amazing, so when I left I was completely refreshed after a tired day.
I will see her again soon after she promised me double enjoyment with Maria.

By Ogulcan
Meeting Date 2022-01-23
Duration 1 hour
City Nicosia
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

Dominique and Maria met en duo, led and made me lead a "hell train". These two young women are passionate at the same time lovers, GFE and PSE, and what does not spoil anything very beautiful, pleasant and perfectionists in the Art of Sex. I had a wonderful evening. Thank you girls.

By kusew
Meeting Date 2022-01-20
Duration 1 hour
City Nicosia
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

I married Dominique this morning.
From now, she is my wife. She is mine and only mine!!! I’ve met her on her two days short visit in Nicosia. I’ve already wrote everything on her, so what else to say? I just will repeat: she is the girl of my life.
Take car, be careful and come back soon. I’ll wait for you!!!
Dominique, I love you!!!

By BoaAR
Meeting Date 2022-01-16
Duration 4 hours
City Nicosia
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

Dominique is a stunningly beautiful lady with long blond hair, beautiful face, light complexion, very nice legs, and a models figure. This lady attracts prolonged stares in the street unconciously.

I met her in Nicosia twice for an extended period of time, and enjoyed her company and companionship. She is intelligent, intensly feminine, easy going, and extermely interesting as a companion.

We spent a Sunday evening together without dinner, and had an opportunity to spend an extended time with her in bed.

She has a GFE approach, although at times is very kinky, with sex in all positions and with no restrictions. She folows guidance well, is comfortable, experienced, and eager to please her partner. It appears that she enjoys sex, and will rise to your energy level. Most amazing position is doggy style, where she is on all four, arching her back and looking at you.

One of my top choices in Nicosia and will definetly see her again for an even more extended time period.

By ralph
Meeting Date 2020-02-16
Duration 1 hours
City Limassol
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

What could someone say about Dominique and for his thinkings after this appointment.
Sweet all the time that I was there
and really bitter when I had to leave.
Dominique is the absolute perfect companion.
Very classy, really caring, very relaxing.
I spent 1 h and it was just like 5 minutes.
I could say that she honored me with her companion.
Soory guys but I will not speak here about sex with Dominique.
It isnt my style.
I can only say that she is a F A B U L U S lady !!!!!
Dominique I'll be back soon ..

By Unkan
Meeting Date 2019-12-19
Duration 30 min
City Istanbul
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

Selam arkadaslar, kiz ile daha önceden de beraber olmuştum, ama yorum yapmak bugune nasip oldu. Bugune dek beraber olduklarimin en iyisi diyebilirim. Yumuşak kişiligi var, ne derseniz sorun etmiyor, gözü saat de degil, aşiri temiz, her geldiginde ziyaret ettim edecegim de. otele giris cikis da sifir sorun.

By Torgogo
Meeting Date 2019-12-18
Duration 2 hours
City Istanbul
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

Unforgetable girl !!
A wild Cat exactly like the photos at her profile that makes you forget all the problems that you have and treat you like a King !!
What to say about her !!!
She is very pretty with a great body and a ass to die for !!
Great social time with very good English !!
At sex I can say that I didnt have meet another one like her in my small career of escorting !!
She is a real Bomba ready for explosion !!
For sure one of a kind and a rare experience for myself !!!
I will meet her for sure again and again !!!
Thank you Dominique for the unique moments !!!

By kusew
Meeting Date 2019-12-14
Duration 60 min
City Nicosia
Look 9.5/10
Services 9.5/10
Communication 9.5/10

Απογευματινή επίσκεψη.Πολύ ωραίος καθαρός χώρος σε κάνουν και νιώθεις πολύ άνετα στην αναμονή. Η Ντομίνικα είναι με πιασίματα χωρίς να την χαλάει αυτό. Πολύ καλό και δυνατό μασάζ με έκανε να λιώσω.Φοβερή πίπα και γλύψιμο αρχιδιών. Δέχτηκε με ευχαρίστησει να της γλύψιμο τιν μουνάρα της.Το τελείωμα ήρθε μετά από ισπανική μαλακία πάνω στις βυζάρες της. Πέρασα πολύ όμορφα

By Mazhar
Meeting Date 2019-12-16
Duration 1 hours
City Istanbul
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

Since its december i was prepared for a Xmas present. But this time i was very lucky. Santa Claus came earlier and i feel really happy. When the door opened i looked to a girl like in the photos but in real she is more younger and has a lovely "fresh" approach. I was not wrong, first time i feel not the GFE but the GF with her. I will not write a lot of her services but i enjoyed her time close to her like never was in past. Thanks dear baby, see you again soon. Kisses