The hottest secrets of oral sex with poutanes in Greece
The oral sex is what will elevate him. Generally the oral is A and Z. So if you have no idea, it would be nice to have a little rehearsal, because tonight you will become the absolute priestess of sex!
The more fluid the better oral sex
Do you want to give him the best mouthpiece of his life?
Then moisture plays a very important role where it is a key of pleasure. You can start to slowly rinse it from the base of your penis to the top. Do the same 2-3 times to be wet all over his penis. Then rub the top of his penis while rubbing it up and down. Do not forget that humidity is everything!
His best attitude to oral poutanes sex
What he most exalts is to see you treat him perfectly there down there is half irritation for him during oral sex. So he fulfilled his fantasies by doing the following:
Lie down him in bed, put a few pads behind his back for better visual contact.
For aerial view, tell him to sit up and kneel before him!
Play with him in oral sex
Do everything except what you really want. Play with him by looking at his eyes, wash your lips and tell him: I want you inside my mouth while unbuttoning his trouser zipper or pulling off his boxer.
Then he lit him passing his penis between your chest. Kiss him inside his thigh until he begs you to make him finish.
Play with his testicles in oral sex
You do not have to worry about just the top of his penis. Put his balls on the program. You started licking him and putting your tongue in his groin area and gently focused on the testicles.
The tip of your tongue is the one that will move the yarns of its excitement, which will also appear directly in the swelling of the erection. Even your lips, externally, can help in the effort to further stimulate it.
Even the massage in the groin or the scrotum area can provide him with a healing tongue. Especially, in the middle the scrotum is separated from a fibrous membrane, the surface of which is a line as a seam, the so-called scabbard seam. Play with your lips and fingers with that seam and lift it to heaven.
Suck in the oral sex
Grab your hair high tress so you do not get stuck in your mouth or your hands at the show. Do not paint strongly because at that moment and in practice, you will be smudged. And that's not a nice sight.
Avoid the intense lipstick that will make your penis and your mulberry look like clowns. An exfoliation on the lips with a toothbrush before the oral and a little petroleum jelly on the lips will make him sue for the next time.
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