That 70’s Sex Pt. 02

--Early Monday Morning, Outside Point Place High School
The sun was just barely coming up outside of the school as Hyde, Donna and Fez met 
underneath the flagpole in front.
“This is so lame,” Hyde said as he watched the first of the students walking into the 
“Yeah, tell me about it,” Donna agreed.
“Yes, tell me about it too,” Fez chirped in.
Hyde looked around but none of the rest of their group had shown up yet. “Man, I’m 
sick of waitin’ for everybody else,” he said with a grunt, “Wanna just skip first period and 
head down to Foreman’s basement. I got a misdemeanors worth of the cure for the 
Monday Blues.”
Donna thought it over for a moment before shrugging her shoulders. “Sure, why 
“Yes, I am also needing to be cured of the blue Mondays,” Fez chirped again.
Twenty minutes later the three friends were sitting in their circle in Eric’s basement 
with thick smoke hanging in the air. They all had dopey grins on their faces and their eyes 
were slightly closed as they giggled off and on.
Fez looked at his two friends through the smoke and grinned. “This is indeed much 
better than a blue Monday,” he said.
“More like a Purple Haze,” Hyde added causing Donna to break out laughing.
As soon as Donna could control her laughter she looked around at her two friends. 
“Man, can you imagine going to a Hendrix concert?” she asked.
“Speaking of concerts,” Hyde said and looked over at Fez, “Fez, man, I heard Mrs. 
Foreman had some cookies upstairs. Why don’t you go get some?”
“Oooh, cookies!” Fez said excitedly before practically jumping up and running 
As the last of Fez’s footsteps grew quiet, Donna looked over at Hyde. “Kitty hasn’t 
made cookies since Red’s heart attack. What are you up to, Hyde?” she asked suspiciously.
“It’s the concert, Donna, man,” Hyde said, “How are you gonna take Foreman and not 
Donna rolled her eyes and smiled, having expected this since the first skipped school. 
“Because he’s my boyfriend, Hyde,” she said with a smirk of frustration.
“Yeah, but I’d appreciate it more,” Hyde pleaded. “I mean, what else have I got 
going for me, man?” he said as he held his arms open, presenting the basement, “Seriously, 
I’m basically on orphan...”
“Your parents aren’t dead, they're just losers,” Donna chimed in.
“...I live in a basement...”
“You chose to live in Eric’s basement,”
“...I’m flunking out of school...”
“Not if you’d just start showing up.”
“...No girl of my own...”
Suddenly Donna got tired of listening to Hyde whine about the stupid concert tickets. 
“You know, Hyde, you’d probably be able to keep a girl if you’d stop trying to act so cool and 
disinterested all the time,” she sighed in frustration.
Hyde could tell his plan was working. Get Donna high and then guilt her into taking 
him to the concert. “This could actually be the high point of my life,” he said with all the 
fake sincerity he could muster.
Suddenly, from behind Donna and Hyde, Fez’s head popped down from the top of the 
stairs without them noticing.
“Okay, I’ve had it,” Donna growled before she stood up. She grabbed Hyde under his 
arm and dragged him over to the couch and threw him down. She grabbed his knees and 
forced them apart and then knelt down between his legs.
*Boom chica bow wow*
“Donna, man, what are you doing,” Hyde blurted out as Donna began unfastening his 
“Shutting you up about the stupid concert,” Donna said as she yanked Hyde’s pants 
down and pulled out his soft cock. She shoved the thick piece of meat into her mouth, 
sucking hard on it and massaging it with her tongue as he began growing. She kept one 
hand on his chest as the other began tugging on his balls making him groan out above her. 
As his cock began to harden it started to fill her mouth, sliding down into her throat as she 
bobbed her head up and down. Her moist lips slid over the sensitive flesh of his shaft as 
she massaged the underside with her tongue until she was nearly gagging herself.
When Hyde was fully erect, Donna pulled his prick out of her mouth with a wet, 
slurping sound and stood up. She quickly threw off her flannel shirt to reveal her plain, 
white bra containing her large, wobbling tits. Yanking open her jeans she pulled them 
down along with her panties, struggling to step out of them with her boots still on before 
straddling Hyde’s legs. She bent down slightly to open his pants all the way, yanking them 
down his thighs, her tits jiggling less than an inch from his smiling face.
Hyde ran his hands up Donna’s pale thighs as she grabbed the base of his cock, aiming 
it up between her legs as she lowered herself down. He gripped her plump ass as she 
teased her pussy with the tip of his prick, sliding his soft cock-head just barely inside of her, 
working herself up and down slightly to give herself time to get wet. With his grip on her 
ass Hyde tried pulling her down on top of him faster and she slapped him playfully on his 
“Hold on a second, dill-weed,” Donna said playfully as she continued lowering herself 
down slowly, letting Hyde’s prick fill her, parting her moist pussy until he was finally all the 
way inside of her.
“Oh geez, Donna,” Hyde groaned as he let Donna just sit on his lap and get used to 
him inside of her, “That just feels awesome.”
“I know,” Donna said with a confident giggle. When she was finally used to the feel 
of Hyde inside of her she pulled down the cups of her bra to release her large tits and then 
placed her hands on his shoulders. She began rocking her hips slowly, taking her time to 
build up the pace, her breasts wobbling on her chest as he gripped her ass-cheeks tighter. 
He bent forward and grabbed a pale nipple in his lips, sucking hard on the erect nub as he 
licked it and she moaned above him.
Hyde kneaded Donna’s thick, pale ass like bread dough as she began riding him harder 
and faster, her tits shaking in his face. He licked from one large, pale tit to the other, 
enjoying the feel of her silky tits rubbing against his face as he motor boated her and caused 
her to giggle.
“Why do people like doing that so much,” Donna giggled as she playfully slapped the 
top of Hyde’s head. She wrapped her arms around his head to hold his face to her chest as 
she moaned out in pleasure, her juices sliding down his hard shaft and sinking into the 
Hyde mumbled playfully around his face full of tit as a reply causing Donna to squeal 
out and laugh. She shifted her hips a bit as she bucked faster up and down his pole, both 
of them beginning to pant and moan in pleasure. She kept her arms locked around his 
head as their groins slapped wetly together. It was a quick fuck and she could already feel 
her orgasm starting to rise, her hot pussy churning as she pistoned up and down on his lap.
“F-f-f-f-uckkkk...” Donna stuttered as she came, her pussy clamping down on Hyde’s 
cock as she ground her clit against him, drawing her orgasm out as her thighs locked around 
As Donna’s breathing began to return to normal she released her hold on Hyde’s head 
and looked down at him, his cock still hard inside of her. “You didn’t cum yet? What’s 
the matter? I’m not good enough for you?” she asked playfully.
Hyde grinned cheekily up at Donna. “Well, Donna, man, see the thing is that this will 
probably be the only time Zeppelin will ever come this close to Point Place...” he started as 
he gave her thick ass a quick squeeze.
“You pig!” Donna said as she punched Hyde in the shoulder hard enough to bruise him. 
After a few moments she said, “Fine,” as she crawled off of his lap, her juices sliding out 
around his still stiff prick, and scooted over on the couch, her hands on the back and her 
pale ass out-thrust, “Just don’t tell Eric, this is usually his birthday present.”
“What do you usually do for Christmas?” Hyde asked as he excitedly shuffled up 
behind Donna and grabbed one of her hips in one hand and this prick in the other.
“Same thing but I’m dressed as Princess Leia,” Donna replied as she felt the tip of 
Hyde’s cock nudge against the tight ring of muscle of her ass. Between their sweat and her 
slick juices he managed to slip his cock-head just inside of her drawing a grunt of discomfort 
from her. She concentrated on relaxing herself as he began pushing forward slowly, 
rocking himself back and forth as he penetrated her, giving her time to open up to him. 
She turned around and glared at him, sweat matting her red hair to her face, “If you slap my 
ass I’m going to kick your ass.”
Hyde pretended to think it over for a second before replying, “Seems fair.”
As Hyde finally pushed the last of his cock into Donna’s plump ass he held himself still, 
just relishing the feel of her wrapped tightly around him, gripping his cock, his balls resting 
on her sticky pussy-lips. He ran his hands over her soft cheeks, his fingertips gliding over 
her sweat slick skin as she moaned in font of him. He ran one hand beneath her to the hot, 
wet juncture of her thighs and quickly found her hard little clit. He lightly slid his fingers 
against the hard nub of flesh until her moans of discomfort turned to gasps of pleasure, her 
hot juices sliding down the insides of her quivering thighs.
Donna began rocking her hips back, fucking herself with Hyde’s cock as he continued 
strumming her clit. Her breathing turned to short, ragged gasps as his dick slid in and out 
of her panting, pale body. He released her clit and grabbed her hip again, holding her 
firmly as he began thrusting inside of her, her large tits swaying beneath her as she was 
fucked back and forth on the couch. He began moaning and panting above her, holding her 
hips tightly, pushing in and out of her as she groaned in pleasure in front of him. She could 
feel her juices gushing out of her pussy, soaking into the couch as she chewed her lip, crying 
out as another orgasm began to roll through her body.
Throwing her head back, her hair flying out in a wave, Donna gasped out as her 
orgasm began to peak. Her body rocked back and forth, her head thrashing around, her 
eyes rolling up in her head, and Fez’s upside down head staring at her from the top of the 
stairs. She couldn’t stop herself, couldn’t stop her body from rocking back and forth, 
fucking Hyde’s cock buried balls deep in her ass, she was too close, she needed to cum right 
now. “Fe... Fez, I’m... I’m gonna... gonna kick... kick your... your ass...” she groaned out 
through gritted teeth as her orgasm rolled through her. Her ass clamped down on Hyde’s 
cock, her pussy spraying her juices against his groin as she stuttered in pleasure, glaring at 
Fez the whole time.
Hyde looked up at Fez staring down at him ass-fucking Donna. He kept a hold of her 
wide hips as he buried himself as deep as he could inside of her, his cock twitching and filling 
her tight ass full with his cum, his white load leaking out around his shaft and dripping onto 
the couch. “Hey, Fez. What’s up?” he said up at his friend as he gave Donna a playful slap 
on her thick ass.
“...yeah but both of them got black eyes?” Eric asked again as he and Donna walked 
into her house.
“I told you, it was just an accident. They tripped over the couch,” Donna said as she 
closed the door behind them, “So just drop it.”
“Okay, okay. You don’t have to yell at me,” Eric said with a grin. “Guess you’re 
nervous about your mom being back, huh?” he asked calmly.
Donna took a deep breath, her impressive chest pushing out her billowing white 
blouse. “Yeah, she’s only been back a couple of hours but it’s been kinda weird,” she 
admitted. “Plus, Kelso’s been by twice already trying to ogle her,” she said with a grin.
“Well, you’re mom’s rack is kinda bodacious. Ow!” Eric cried as Donna gave him a 
playful punch in his shoulder. “Let’s go. And no staring at my mom’s chest, you perv,” 
she said playfully as they walked into the dining room.
“Look who’s here!” Donna’s mom cried out before grabbing Eric in a hug, his head 
nestled against her obviously bra-less chest. He didn’t try to pull away until Donna grabbed 
by his arm and yanked him away. “You two make such the cutest couple,” she beamed at 
her daughter and Eric.
“Mom, can you please lay off,” Donna asked with a pink blush.
“Am I embarrassing my little girl,” the blonde haired beauty cooed as she gave Donna 
a pinch on the cheek.
Donna squirmed away from her mother and dragged Eric to the dinner table with her 
dad and Jackie. She scowled at Jackie when the young girl started making kissy faces at her 
as she and Eric sat down followed quickly by her mother. “Dad, you made pot roast?” she 
said to try and change the subject to anything else.
“Well, Jackie helped,” Bob said with a blush of pride.
“I’ve been helping your dad with a couple of things, Donna,” Jackie said as she ran her 
hand up Bob’s thigh and squeezed his soft prick causing him to gasp out.
*Boom chica bow wow*
“Are you okay?” Midge asked as she placed her napkin over her lap.
“Fine, fine,” Bob said as he placed his napkin over his own lap hoping to hide his 
quickly hardening prick.
“So, Mrs. Pinciotti, how was California? You’re looking pretty tan,” Eric said before 
wagging his eyebrows at Donna. Midge’s tan skin seemed to glow against her blue top, her 
nipples pressing against the thin material.
Donna pinched the inside of Eric’s thigh hard as her mother answered. “Oh it’s been 
great!” Midge exclaimed, “I’ve been studying and taking all these female empowerment 
seminars and learning so much!”
“It sure sounds like it,” Jackie said as she softly stroked Bob’s cock through is tight 
pants. “What were you studying,” she asked as she ran her palm over the tip of his prick 
feeling the small drop of pre-cum wetting his pants.
“Mostly Eastern philosophy,” Midge said as she began filling her plate.
“Really?” Donna asked in surprise. She loved her mother but she’d never thought 
she had been the brightest woman on the planet. Her mother had mostly went through 
life using her looks and with her blonde hair, blue eyes and amazing figure it had mostly 
Midge eagerly nodded her head. “Yes. It’s called Tantric,” she said with pride.
“What’s that?” Eric asked through bites of his pot roast.
“It helps you achieve orgasm for, like, thirty minutes,” Midge admitted plainly as Eric 
nearly choked on his food.
“Mom!” Donna gasped.
“Wow,” Jackie said flatly as she slowly pulled down Bob’s fly and pulled out his hard 
As Eric finally managed to swallow is bite of food his eyes crawled over Donna’s 
mom’s chest, imagining the hot blonde having a 30 minute orgasm. In his mind’s eyes she 
was naked, writhing around on her bed, wracked by orgasm, her chest heaving, her large 
breasts sprinkled with sweat, her thighs clamped together as she gasped out in pleasure.
Donna could tell that Eric was imagining her mother naked by the look on his face. 
“Knock it off,” she whispered harshly in his ear as she pinched his thigh again.
Eric tried to hide his gasp of pain as he whispered into Donna’s ear, “It’s not my fault. 
She started it.”
“Men,” Donna muttered under her breath.
As Jackie slowly teased Bob’s erection she pointed at the mashed potatoes with her 
free hand and smiled sweetly at Midge. “Mrs. Pinciotti, can you pass that please?” she 
asked with a warm smile on her face.
Donna watched as Eric’s eyes followed her mother’s chest as she passed the potatoes. 
“Knock it off,” she whispered angrily.
“I can’t help it,” Eric whispered back, never breaking eye contact with Midge’s chest.
Donna rolled her eyes in frustration. It had been like this since she was a kid, all the 
boys staring at her mother. It had always upset her but back then she didn’t know what 
she could do to stop it but now she was older and knew what she could do. She ran her 
hand up the inside of Eric’s skinny thigh and unzipped his pants and pulled out his semi-erect 
cock. Her boyfriend nearly choked on his food again as she began pulling on his prick, 
bringing it to full hardness in her hand.
*Boom chica bow wow*
“Thanks, Mrs. Pinciotti,” Jackie said as she filled up her plate with her free hand and 
jerked off Bob with the other. Her small delicate hand slid up his hard shaft from his base 
to his tip before she rubbed her palm over his sensitive cock-head and then back down his 
Keeping her hand wrapped around the base of her boyfriend’s cock, Donna kept 
tugging just the base of his shaft as her thumb slid over his helmet, smearing his pre-cum 
around and making it easier for her strong hand to glide over his shaft. She’d lost track of 
how many hand-jobs she given since her boobs had started coming in in the ninth grade but 
by now she was a pro and by the look on Eric’s face he knew it too.
“So, Bob, how are things at the store?” Midge asked thoughtfully.
Bob barely heard his wife as the cute, teenage girl continued playing with his prick. 
Her soft hand glided up and down his shaft over and over again, her fingers undulating along 
his length like she was trying to milk a cow. From the corner of his eye he could see the 
devilish grin on her face as she expertly jerked him off. “Oh, ah... Fine, fine. Business as 
usual,” he managed to choke out.
“And, Donna, how’s school?” Midge asked her daughter.
“It’s fine,” Donna said as her hand worked up an down Eric’s shaft. She could feel 
him throbbing in her hand and took it as a complement that she had managed to work him 
up so fast. Her thumb teased the small nugget of flesh beneath the tip of his dick as she 
used her fingertips to tease him. She could hear him trying not to moan out in pleasure 
next to her and she tried not to laugh at the look on his face.
“Eric, how’s your school work going,” Midge asked, not noticing the strange look on 
her daughter’s boyfriend’s flush face.
“Hard. Soooo hard,” Eric groaned as his balls began to boil with the need to cum.
Midge didn’t take her attention from her meal as she continued talking. “I’m sure 
Donna would help you out,” she said helpfully.
“She is. Boy is she!” Eric gasped out as he came, her thick load shooting out of the 
tip of his cock and splashing on the floor, soaking into the carpet.
“Your meat tastes soooo good, Mr. Pinciotti,” Jackie said coyly as she began fisting 
Bob’s prick as fast as she could without being obvious that she was jerking him off under the 
Midge nodded her head in agreement. “She’s right, Bob. This is good,” she said.
As Eric panted beside her, Donna smiled in satisfaction at winning Eric’s attention 
away from her mother. “Oops, I dropped my napkin,” she said as she tucked her 
boyfriend’s prick back into his pants. She climbed under the table with her napkin to clean 
up Eric’s cum, hiding the evidence of what had just happened. As she got under the table 
she looked over and stifled as gasp of surprise. Her father’s cock was pointed right at her 
with Jackie’s hand sliding up and down the length. “What the hell...” she started to say just 
as her father’s prick erupted, his thick load splashing onto her face.
Everybody jerked in shock as Donna screamed in disgust from underneath the table.
As Donna screamed with a face full of her father's cum, Fez slid into her room through 
the window he had jimmied open. He scurried over to the door to make sure no one was 
coming and since he could only hear Donna yelling at Jackie, he knew that he was safe for 
the next few minutes. He walked over to the dresser and opened the drawers until he 
found her underwear and yanked out another pair of her panties. He took a deep whiff of 
the delicate material before shoving them unto his pockets and continuing his search. He 
found one of Jackie's bras and rubbed them over his face before closing the drawer and 
looking at the mirror.
Walking over to Donna's bed and then back to the dresser mirror, Fez adjusted it and 
then readjustment it until it gave him the perfect angle he was looking for. And when 
everything was perfect he slid under Donna's bed and waited.
Fez woke up to the sound of the bedroom door slamming, jarring him and causing him 
to bump his head on the bed frame.
"I can't believe you were giving my dad a hand-job under the table!" Donna yelled at 
"After the blow-job it didn't seem like that big of a deal," Jackie said matter of factly as 
she began changing for bed.
"Hold on a sec," Donna said before walking over to the closet. She opened the door 
and checked inside and when she didn't see Fez she closed the door back. "It's safe," she 
told Jackie who immediately began changing again. "And that's another thing," she said 
angrily to the younger girl, "Why are you blowing my dad?"
Jackie shrugged her shoulders as she took off her bra. "I wanted to thank him for 
letting me stay here," she said plainly.
"But he's married to my mom," Donna said with a sigh of frustration as she began 
changing into her pajamas.
"Helloooo," Jackie said with a roll of her eyes as she peeled her tight pants down her 
legs, "They're separated."
"But she was here tonight," Donna said as she took her jeans off.
"But has she moved back in?" Jackie asked as if her question explained everything.
"That's not the point," Donna said standing in only her bra and panties glaring at the 
smaller girl.
Jackie put her hands on her cocked hips, unabashedly naked, and stared at her friend. 
"You're really wound up about your parents, huh?" she asked with a genuine note of 
concern in her voice.
"Well, yeah," Donna admitted with a shrug as she flopped down on the edge of her 
"Ow!" Fez grunted when the bed frame hit him on the top of his head. He quickly 
placed his hands over his mouth and waited to be caught.
"Huh?" Jackie asked, not quite sure what the strange sound she thought Donna had 
made was.
"I said of course I'm wound up," Donna said to Jackie, "What if they get a divorce?"
Jackie stared at Donna for a moment, her brain feeling stuffed and confusing her as 
compassion circled around her brain. "You need to let off some steam," she finally offered.
"Great idea," Donna said sarcastically as she leaned back on her elbows, 
unintentionally thrusting out her chest, "Any idea how?"
"I can think of one," Jackie said after licking her lips.
*Boom chica bow wow*
Donna cocked and eyebrow and chuckled at Jackie. "You think sex makes everything 
better," she said.
Jackie walked slowly across the room and between Donna's legs as the red head 
opened her thighs to her friend. "I go with what I'm good at," she said with a smirk as she 
keeled down.
"I'm still mad at you for ruining dinner," Donna said as she lifted her ass up to let 
Jackie pull her panties down.
"You'll get over it," Jackie said as she pulled Donna's legs over her shoulders and 
leaned forward. She wrapped her arms around her friend's thighs and stuck her tongue 
out, licking up the taller girl's moistening slit.
Fez grinned widely as he watched Donna slip off her bra to reveal her large, wobbling 
breasts in the reflection of the mirror. He tried to get his hand down to unzip his pants but 
with Donna laying on the bed he didn't have enough room. He frowned to himself as he 
realized he was stuck.
Jackie slid her tongue as deep into Donna's cunt as she could, fucking her with it like it 
was a small cock. The older girl rolled her hips up to meet her mouth, giving Jackie deeper 
access to her wet pussy as she played her own tits.
"Why don't you come up here with me?" Donna asked breathlessly.
"You're too tall, you lumber-jack," Jackie complained between licks, "I can't reach. I 
nearly broke my neck last night."
"You're complaining about your neck?" Donna asked incredulously, "You're, like, a 
foot shorter than me. Get up here anyway, I wanna do something,"
"You are so bossy," Jackie whined as she crawled up onto the bed next to Donna. In 
a flash the taller girl had her more slender legs open and was laying down between Jackie's 
legs. Donna started rolling her hips back and forth, humping her pussy up against Jackie's 
own heated cunt. "Oh wow," Jackie gasped as she rolled her hips up to meet her friend's.
"I know, right," Donna groaned as she jumped Jackie. Her thick, pale ass clenched 
and released as she rolled her hips and leaned down, kissing the smaller girl passionately.
"I knew you'd be the butch," Jackie gasped out.
"You're damn right," Donna agreed with a sneer.
Below the bed, Fez was on the verge of tears as his dick throbbed painfully in need.
As the teenage girls continued they began to kiss, their unencumbered chests rubbing 
together, Donna slid an arm between their bodies. She slid her hand to Jackie's wet pussy 
mound, sliding two fingers into her friend's tight, gushing pussy.
"O-o-o- fuck," Jackie gasped in pleasure as Donna finger-fucked her. "Why do we 
need boys again?" she asked as she slid her own hand down to the wet juncture of Donna's 
pale thighs, fingering her in return.
"I forget," Donna gasped with a smirk and she and Jackie rocked their bodies together 
in unison. She continued kissing her friendly deeply as they moaned in lust into each 
other's mouths, their pussies churning in desire and a light sheen of sweat covering their 
teenage bodies.
As their orgasms began rising in their bodies Jackie wrapped her legs tightly around 
Donna's thighs as Donna slid her fingers as deep as she could into Jackie's pussy. Their 
bodies writhed in pleasure as they came, their muscles locked tight as their pussies gushed 
with their juices until they finally relaxed into the bed.
Slowly Donna rolled off of Jackie with a dopey grin on her face. "Next time we're 
doing this on your mattress," she said, "I'm tired of sleeping on the wet spot."
"It wouldn't be that big of a thing if we'd just sleep together," Jackie complained.
"No way," Donna said, playfully shoving her friend away, "Your feet are freezing,"
"Well, you snore like the big ol' lumberjack you are," Jackie playfully snapped as she 
got off the bed and started to get cleaned up.
Beneath the bed Fez continued watching his two friends in the mirror as they cleaned 
up, changed into pajamas and got into their beds. He waited for nearly two hours for the 
girls to fall fully asleep, his cock throbbing painfully the entire time. Finally he slid out from 
underneath the bed and stared tip-toeing towards the door until a flash of pale flesh caught 
his attention. Donna was wearing an over-sized button-up flannel short to sleep in and one 
of her large, firm tits had escaped out of the front.
Fez looked from Donna's full, free tit to the door and back again. And then again. 
And again once more. And then one more time just to be sure. He knew that He 
shouldn't. He knew that it could be pushing things to far. But Donna had huge jugs.
He crept over to his slumbering friend and got down on his knees beside her before 
quietly pulling down his zipper. He spread her top open to expose both of her large tits 
and licked his lips hungrily. He looked over at the door one last time before bending down 
over his the red-haired girl's exposed chest.
*Boom chica bow wow*
Taking a quick lick of first one pale nipple and then the other, Fez smiled to himself 
and smacked his lips. He reached down and lightly grabbed one of Donna's limp wrists and 
brought it up to his groin. He wrapped her fingers around his cock and began using her 
hand to jack himself off as he licked her nipples again. He kissed and lightly slid his tongue 
around her smooth, warm, firm flesh as he moved her hand over his shaft. He'd had an 
erection for nearly three hours now and was physically desperate for a release. He raised 
his free hand up and softly squeezed her far tit as he sucked lightly on the other, squeezing 
her fist around his cock.
"Oh geez," Fez muttered with his accent as his balls began pulling up tight, ready to 
release. But where? Before he could decide, he came, shooting his thick, roapy cum all 
over Donna's face, startling her awake.
Donna eyes shot open and a large, pulsing cock-head filled her vision before she could 
focus past it. Something was covering her face and she wiped at it, staring at what she had 
found before realizing what it was. She stared angrily up at Fez. "Again?!" she shouted 
angrily, startling Fez into action.
"Whoops," Fez said simply before jumping to his feet and running out of the bedroom.
"What's going on?" Jackie said as she slowly sat up and stared at Donna with cum on 
her face and hand. "Was your dad here?"
After a few minutes when he didn’t hear Donna chasing after him, Fez poked his head 
out of the linen closet and checked to see if the coast was clear. When he didn’t see Donna 
or Jackie he slid out and closed the door as quietly as he could and began tip-toeing down 
the hall. Halfway down the stairs he froze when Donna’s hot mom, Midge, suddenly 
appeared. “Uh oh,” he said.
Midge looked up at one of her daughter’s friends with confusion. “Were you kids 
having a study sleep over,” she asked in confusion, “Donna knows how I feel about those on 
school days.”
“Yes, yes,” Fez answered quickly and nervously, “A sleep study over.”
Midge shrugged her shoulders in defeat. “Just something else Bob is doing while I 
was away,” she said, her blue eyes filling with tears.
“No, no. It’s okay,” Fez said, not know exactly what to do and settling for an 
affectionate pat on Midge’s shoulder. He didn’t know what else to do, all he could do was 
stare at her perpetually hard nipples poking through her simple blue, silk robe.
“Do you know what else that pig has been doing since I was gone,” Midge said angrily.
Fez thought it over for a moment before shrugging his own shoulders.
“Getting blow-jobs from teenage girls,” Midge confessed.
“Really?” Fez asked excitedly before changing his tone. “I mean, ah, really?” he 
asked more solemnly.
“Yes!” Midge blurted out. “Like I’m no good at giving blow-jobs. I used to give him 
blow-jobs all of the time,” she said angrily.
“Really?” Fez asked excitedly before once again changing his tone. “I mean, um, 
really?” he asked in a more solemn tone.
“Yes,” Midge said defiantly. “Do you know how many blow-jobs I’ve given?”
Fez had no idea what to do.
“Hundreds!” Midge nearly shouted.
“Really?” Fez asked excitedly before changing his tone again, “I mean, really?”
“Yes!” Midge said angrily. “Like any teenage girl could top that,” she muttered as she 
stared off into the middle distance absentmindedly.
“Um, really?” Fez said since he really couldn’t think of what else to say.
Suddenly Midge’s eyes began to clear as she focused on her daughter’s friend. “Yes, 
really,” she said before falling to her knees. In a flash she pulled open her robe to reveal 
her glorious, large, firm breasts before grabbing the teenage boy by the front of his pants.
*Boom chica bow wow*
With years of experience, Midge opened the boy’s pants and pulled out his soft prick 
in a flash. She looked up at him as she grabbed him by the hips, holding him still as she 
opened her mouth and sucked his prick in. Her lips snapped shut around the base of him 
and she sucked hard as she lashed his warm flesh with her tongue. As he quickly began to 
harden she started bobbing her head back and forth, her lips gliding over his hardening 
“Ah...” Fez grunted as he looked around him, not sure about what was going on but 
quickly decided he didn’t care. Donna could come down those stairs at any second and he 
still wouldn't stop fucking his friend’s mom’s mouth. He ran his fingers through her wavy 
blonde hair, holding the sides of her head tight and began bucking his hips, thrusting his cock 
into her mouth and down her throat.
Midge circled the tip of her daughter’s friend’s cock with her tongue, massaging it as 
she began humming, sending vibrations across his sensitize flesh. And then he suddenly 
Fez grunted as he came far to early, his cock erupting into Midge’s mouth and he 
groaned in pleasure as her throat rippled around his shaft as she swallowed every drop of 
his cum. His legs grew weak as his knees began to buckle and he quickly braced his arms 
against the wall to keep from falling while Donna’s mom released his prick from her mouth.
Midge wiped her mouth off with the back of her hand before tucking Donna’s friend's 
once again soft prick back into his pants. She stood up forgetting to draw the top of her 
robe closed, a small bit of drool sliding down the curve of one of her breasts. She sighed 
with resignation before patting the boy affectionately on the top of his head. “Thanks for 
being understanding,” she said before walking past him on the way to bed.
Fez watched Midge’s ass as she walked up the stairs. He had been all set to finally be 
the one of his friends to get somewhere with Donna’s mom but when the time came, he had 
cum to soon. “Still counts,” he said to himself with a shrug. When Donna didn’t come 
down to kick his ass he shrugged with pride at avoiding an ass kicking from his friend and 
began walking back down the stairs before the sound of Midge’s voice stopped him.
“Bob! Guess who I just blew!”
Fez’s eyes went wide in shock and fear just before he ran as fast as he could out of 
Donna’s house.
To be continued… Part 3