Xmas Date and games with escort in Athens

Date and tips with an Athens escort
Looking forward to the most wonderful time of the year, are you crazy about the fantastic ornaments, your happy friends, the jolly angels and the beautiful-colorful garlands? Have you begun to think about how to get the rebellion?
For you that you want to spend an unforgettable Christmas, the appropriate solution is to organize your feast and these tender moments with one or more if you want escort girls. The moments are really unique and you are sure you will not regret it.
You want to make something unforgettable with your partner these festivals, but you do not know what? Do not spash your head else read the following article and this Christmas will be unforgettable to you and your girlfriend.
1. Play the game of Santa Claus
Imagine a scene and wear each one of his outfits. Let's be the little girl who will have two braids and will ask for gifts, while you as Santa Claus will ask her how good a girl is all year round, surely you will end up having a strong sex if you like such games.
2. Walk around the shops
Go outside to look at the ornate city and the dazzling windows. You will feel like young happy and excited kids. Of course do not forget to scratch these moments !!!
3. Decorate the house together
Put a lot of imagination, joyful colors, Christmas music and the taste of one another to make a wonderful festive atmosphere and enjoy your home during the holidays.
4. Romantic dinner with Escort Athens.
You should not miss a table just for the two of you. And sometimes comes the moment you want to go as far as possible or at worst to drink a lot to endure this Christmas table if you are with all the relatives and the whole family.
5. Buy her a gift
She dedicated her one Saturday morning to the shops. You can buy her something you think she will love. Do not forget to write a sly christmas card.
Of course at the same time you will be looking at so many shops you can look at something for yourself, it will renew you and you may find something to take for the show, it can be a pair of shoes or a watch.
8. Play a board game
Your child's time hit the door. Make hot chocolate to fight, enjoy and have fun with your favorite table. A little competition for who will win at Monopoly is what you need for the most perfect time of year.
9. Make sweets together
At Christmas we love the ornaments, the glitter and the songs. But how can we forget about the melomakarona and the tortoises? Try this year to make it with your girlfriend. Think you'll have help in the kitchen and enjoy each other while you're doing the festive sweets.
10. See if you fit in sex
Write both of you a list of what you would like to have sex with each other. You will discover how many common tastes you can have and try to make it happen in the new year, because the most important thing is that you will find out if you both want the same things from your life.
We always want to spend endless hours with our girl or an escort! It renews us and makes us happy. Even more at the feasts because you know perhaps the spirit of Christmas fulfill all the wishes for your common future!